2022 Challenge Coin

You can purchase this year's challenge coin either through Etsy or in-person at the SpiceBuddy booth!


What is a challenge coin, how did it start, and why a duck?

To learn the full history behind a challenge coin, check out Wikipedia. To summarize, challenge coins started as a military tradition for service members when they join a unit to represent them being a part of that team. Anyone with a coin can challenge those around them to show their coin. Should someone not have a coin for the challenge, then they need purchase a drink for everyone who does have a coin.

Why do the SpiceBuddies have a coin? Besides a few buddies being the life of the party in the after-hours events, it started from the unofficial Spiceworks challenge coin created by Jimmy T. It started as a fan project for Spiceheads and Spiceworkers to show we're all apart of the Spiceworks community. This created a lot of interest for more coins and different design. Since Jimmy T. was part of the SpiceBuddies when the first coin was created, a design was created for the 2019 SpiceWorld.

Why a duck? It all started when Spiceworks revealed their new logo in 2017. Huw3481 thought the logo was in the shape of a duck and posted this gif. Spiceworks never confirmed or denied the existing of the hidden duck in the logo. Since Spiceworks already has SpiceRex as their mascot, the SpiceBuddies offered a home to this duck with the name SpiceDuck! To see more hijinks this humble duck has brought, check these links out.

The Unofficial Spiceworks Challenge Coin


The 2019 SpiceBuddies Challenge Coin


Adding the extra Spice to SpiceWorld since 2016!