The 2023 Spicebuddies (alphabetical order by community name)

cynlis - Cynthia

Years in IT: 30+
SpiceWorlds Attended: 8
Tags: MCSE, Microsoft, Dell, Networking, Medical IT, SpiceLeader, Discord, Battlestar Galactica

GeekyLibrarian - Denise

Years in IT: 10
SpiceWorlds Attended: 7
Tags: Library, College, Government, USMC, Women in IT

Greg Starnes

Years in IT: 20+
SpiceWorlds Attended: 9
Tags: Networking, Office365, Medical, Shooting, Firefighting

Jared Busch

Years in IT: 30+
SpiceWorlds Attended: 11
Tags: VoIP, Consulting, Collaboration, Compliance, Networking, Website Design, Dungeons & Dragons

NEA_Angel - Ashley

Years in IT: 6
SpiceWorlds Attended: 8
Tags: Firefighting, Shooting, Medical, Disney, Lilo and Stitch, German Shepherds, Flaming Dr. Peppers, Traveling, Photography

SpiceLord - Slava

Years in IT: 20
SpiceWorlds Attended: 10
Tags: Networking, Microsoft 365, College, Government, Super OG

sudo su selorex - Mike

Years in IT: 8
SpiceWorlds Attended: 1
Tags: Storm Chasing, Flying, Farming, Hiking, Fishing, Travelling

Technical.Angel - Jennifer

Years in IT: 20+
SpiceWorlds Attended: 8
Tags: Women in IT, Community College, Deskside, Support, Soft Skills, SpiceLeader, Deals w/Jared

The HUFF - Matt

Years in IT: 15
SpiceWorlds Attended: 8
Tags: Grillin', Keto, Smoking Large Cuts of Meats, Pokemon Go, SpiceLeader, SOC2 Audits, IT Management

ZombieWrangler - Alex

Years in IT: 21
SpiceWorlds Attended: 11
Tags: Legal-IT, SCALE, OpenText, Networking, Woodworking, Shooting, Jeeping

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