Events Calendar

If you're wanting to know when the events are happening, check out our Google Calendar to see not only SpiceWorld events, but also vendor sponsored events and SpiceHead lead events!

SpiceWorld Map

To see the lay of the land and know where all the fun and helpful places are around the convention center, see our Google Map with overlays for the locations of restraurants, hotels, bars, shipping and shops!

Unofficial Spiceworks Discord

For a place to chat with fellow SpiceHeads, make sure to visit us in Discord! There are both voice and text channels covering many topics and can even get answers fast to your questions!

All About the SpiceBuddies

The SpiceBuddy program was started for SpiceWorld 2016 by SpiceWorld veterans in an effort to help new attendees make the most of the SpiceWorld conference experience. It's not easy going to a tech conference for the first time. If this is your first SpiceWorld we have your back! Our goal is to be those faces in a sea of strangers you can depend on for answers. Let us help educate you about all that you can experience at the conference. Whether you came to hear a specific session, to meet with vendors, or to network with your peers, we are here to help you make the most of SpiceWorld!

This website aggregates the official, semi-official, and unofficial parties, get-togethers, mixers, hangouts, and shindigs, so that you have all the info you need to make the most of SpiceWorld right at your fingertips! Below you'll find a map of every location that is playing to a get-together - whether official or unofficial - as well as many other useful places in the area.

Unofficial SpiceWorld Map

Adding the extra Spice to SpiceWorld since 2016!